Networking and Entrepreneurial Events

We provide regular and high quality networking events for students and professionals throughout Australia. ALTO networking events bring together prominent speakers and leaders. Events are always catered by leading Italian food and culinary suppliers.

Trade and Commerce

We encourage members to pursue business development, networking referral and Australia-Italian trade opportunities. We support overseas Italian trade and corporate delegations with unique insights from young Italian-Australia leaders. We publish regular newsletters celebrating the successes and achievements of Leaders within business and our communities.

Succession Planning

The unprecedented strength of the Italian economy and communities over the past 50 years has created new challenges to identify new leaders of tomorrow’s Italian-Australian organisations. From the sale of a family-owned business to middle-management of large enterprises, ALTO provides a powerful channel to match yourself to suitable talent and explore tomorrow’s leadership options.

Community Care

ALTO focuses on giving back to those that have given themselves – particularly elderly and underprivileged in the Australia’s Italian Community. We actively seek and are open to opportunities to contribute to the community through sponsorships, fundraising and charity work.